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Packaging and Sealing / Food and Beverage

Infrared Thermal Technologies

Emitted Energy infrared systems use thermal imaging software to help companies looking for a non-destructive testing method to add a trackable line of quality control to their packaging and sealing, and food and beverage processes. Systems can be specified to monitor glue tabs on cartons and boxes, ensuring tabs are in the correct location with correct amounts. Container seals can be checked for gaps. Fill levels of containers can also be confirmed. Food required to reach a certain temperature can also be monitored. Should an Emitted system detect an abnormality in the process it is monitoring a signal can be sent to personnel notifying them of the issue. This enables the problem to be solved early, preventing wasted product and material.

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Mullen Equipment

Mullen Equipment has been a successful representative firm and distributor with the products we offer in the Midwest since 1950. Our company has generated significant sales for multiple principals in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Industrial, Civil, Food and Beverage, Paper and Pulp and various other industries. Today, we continue to expand our reach and other areas of expertise through excellent service to our customers and principals.