Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Flowserve / SIHI Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are commonly used in the Food & Beverage, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Power and General Industries. Applications range from bottle filling under vacuum (F&B), vacuum on chemical reactors (Chemical), vacuum on drying of oxygen cylinders (Gas), vapor recovery from storage tanks (Oil), air agitation for the purpose of oxidizing bacteria (WTP), and much more.

The Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps can be One-Stage or Two-Stage pumps constructed in cast iron or stainless steel. The design of the LRVP allows it to handle soft solids and entrained liquids or vapors without compromising the pumps’ mechanical integrity or efficiency. This is because there is no metal-to-metal contact between the rotating parts and the casing, eliminating the need for internal lubrication.

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