NOV / Chemineer Agitators are used in the Municipal and Industrial Markets with industries including Water/ Wastewater, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Biotechnology, Mineral Processing and Cannabis. NOV Agitators can range in sizes from R&D lab scale up to large production applications. Along with NOV/ Chemineer’s Top Entry, Side Entry, and Bottom Entry mixers, NOV offers Prochem Mixers. These Prochem mixers include top and side entering belt driven units for applications in Pulp & Paper, Oil Storage, Ethanol, Mining, Food and Chemical Processing Industries.

The types of Impellers NOV offers range from Propellers, Pitched & Straight Blades, Anchor and Double Helical Ribbon to Screw-type impellers constructed in various types of alloys. NOV’s impeller technology offers superior performance in Miscible Fluid Blending, Solids Suspension, Immiscible Fluids Blending, Transitional Flow, Solids Motion, Complete Suspension, Uniform Suspension, High Viscosity mixing and much more.

Seal and Mounting options include, Open & Closed Tanks, Pedestal Mounted, Lip Seal, Stuffing Box, Single & Double Mechanical Seal configurations.

NOV’s capabilities include engineered designs, on-site service and on-site installation. If you’ve become frustrated with lack of knowledge and service let’s see if NOV/ Chemineer Mixers are a good fit.

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